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EifachFilm was established 1994.

EifachFilm shows up where art happens and gets involved in every fun thing 



"Züri Eifach", Feature Film 60 minutes

Videoinstallation "Mattengasse" Mattengasse 4, Zürich



Musicvideoclip "Nimm meine Hand" - Krawler

Musicvideoclip Sedjo Tschome (Zaire)

Technic "Vermummte" of Ilan Hatsor at Theater Depot Hardturm Zürich

Dokumentary Video - "Beschallung des Raumes" von Bettina



Videoinstallation and stage design for the dance performance "Kp. Kirk" with Louis Bunt in Lausanne

Pilot Talk-Dance Show "Swizly Wood" in Zürich

Camera editing of the official video Airshow Mollis



Release of the "EifachFilm 97 Compilation"

Technic and Promotional video for "Lederfresse" of Helmut Krausser at Theater am Spittel, Bremgarten/AG; Regie: Andreas Storm; Cast: Nicole Sami, Yves Vaucher

Live-video recording of a concert of the band "M.D. Moon" in Hedingen (Promovideo)

Videoclip "Danceclip"; Music: Steven Thomas; Dance: Louis Bunt; Cut: Bendix Freutel



Multimedia Klausur "Hermes" and performance with Mike Hentz and students of the F+F art school Zurich

3 Videoclips for the 100. birthday of Berthold Brecht

Dokumentation of the performance of "Amorales" in Frauenfeld. Production: Sabine Sarva

Live-Videoediting "Battle of the Year '98 Switzerland" Zürich

Ambient-Videos for "Zoom" (Openair-Party during Streetparade in Zürich), a cooperation with ANUBIS

Production of the theaterplay"Lederfresse" in der alten Kiosk AG, Basel

Development of the featurefilm storyboard  "Das Achte Opfer" a cooperation with Herbert Blaser

Ambient-Videos for "Grey Planet, the first international festival of electronic music", Zürich

Video for "Dots" art installation of Manuel Motanagna in Basel

Post Produktion of the documentary movie "zuckerfrei" of Michael Rauch, Zürich, 60 Minutes



Produktion of the exhibition "Bilder von Elsie Domenig" at Gallerie Art Kontor, Frankfurt



Videoeditor at the swiss national TV station Tele24

Video Installation "Blumenmännchen" during Streetparade at Stubniz Kontor, Zürich

Video Installation "Ernie Leon und Liv" at Orbit 2000 in Basel for  Migros Informatik Clubschule



News desk journalist at the swiss national TV station Tele24

Video Installation "Betrug an der Wirklichkeit" in Shedhalle Zürich

Ultraschallbilder vom Nachwuchs

Videos and stage design for "Die blauen Augen eines Hundes" of Oleg Lips-Roumiantsev in Keller62 Zürich

A Loop for the internet "Arbeit beim TV"
-! Ein Lebenswerk !-

Videoinstallation Mandalas at Limmatstrasse

Production of the Video Schnipsel "Sweet Baby"



Internetcollage "Der Spaziergang"

"Eine Bilderreihe" an experiment

Documentation of the Koch 18 Lounge in Substrat

Redesign of the Cablecom Infokanal

Channeldesign, marketing and contracting of the cablecom digital cinema channel



Creating of a video departmemt at Schauspielhaus Zürich

"Fischbowl" a cooperation with Aurelia Freutel

Video Installation - Sad Bush - for the theaterplay "Tag der Gnade" in der Box im Schiffbau

A Video Painting "Goldenes Zeitalter"

Production of the video content in the theaterplay "Electronic City" von Falk Richter
Regie Cristiane Pohle. Box im Schiffbau



Foto Series "Snapshot Nemo"

Violence Meddly with parts from 11 Movies for "Die lange Nacht der Autoren", Salon in der Box am 30.4.04

Eine Bilderreihe Update 05/04

"Ameise" Internet Stream

20 Min gelebte Zeit a videoperformance

Implosionen a videopainting

Schneemaa a e-card zu Weihnachten 04



Internet Stream "Kindertraum"

Internet Stream "Wasserball"

Internet Stream "Bullaugen"

Presseschau: Matthias Hartmann in Zürich

Internet Stream "Fingertip"

Ein Lehrlingsprojekt "SHZ0506"

Ein Stadtrundgang

an internet trip to asia photo collage

"avatar" a webpage

"Sad Bush V2" a Web Page

Ein Kinderspiel a photo collage web site

Na ? another photo collage web site

A QR Code Poem

Schick Saal a loop

Parodox a webpage

Like it or not a webpage

I saw tookie die a headline and its main actress



Meine Quelle? a Web ART Installation in Kunstnet.de

STERN a web site

eifachfilm video podcast release

Kunstnet.ch goes online

d-oo-b.eu game server goes online

d-oo-b.net goes online

radio.d-oo-b.eu goes online

job as streaming producer at solutionpark.ch

secondlife projekt d-oo-b as avatar Eifachfilm Vacirca



secondlife projekt d-oo-b quantum cafe als avatar Eifachfilm Vacirca

ramjac radio goes online



secondlife project 444 prims as avatar Eifachfilm Vacirca

release of http://nurmoo.com 

documentary movie about Bendix Freutel aka Eifachfilm Vacirca aka d-oo-b.cc ~~> http://d-oo-b.cc/secondme <~~ creative commons release

44'444 Prims ART Exhibition

Imaginary Money Graveyard



TV documentary about d-oo-b in love http://eifachfilm.ch/SF_me.htm

Read the news  paper article here:

Antarctica Chills by d-oo-b aka Going Southernmost at Space i/o

Fruit Penetration

release of the http://eifachfilm.blip.tv channel

redesign of http://d-oo-b.ch

enable Radio TKA: http://d-oo-b.cc:9007 for http://www.tedkurland.com/



release of SLaddict A documentary about the good and the bad sides of using secondlife.com in excess

44 Hours Of Cornucopia Momentum The swiss artist d-oo-b (Bendix Freutel) creates in the rural environment of Reigoldswil a time of art moments.

SLart A statement about art, money and chess 2010.

40_Years_of_Kraftwerk@MuzikHaus A virtual party video

Kämpfer im Spiel - Gewinner im Job
Bendix Freutel, 41, "Second Life": "Ego-Shooter interessieren mich nicht mehr. Ich habe keine Lust, eine von Designern vorbereitete Story nachzuspielen."

4 Videos 4 UWA II machinema contest

several DJ gigs



A virtual installation

A virtual performance

kick off d-oo-b mixtape

d-oo-b@UTSA (Rebecca Bashly)

d-oo-b@skin burn2

several DJ gigs


My Funny Valentine

sunrise over big river

California Feb2012 Foto Series

reopening d-oo-b dance place

LUPA - Lucre for Ubercool People Around

d-oo-b's toys history

Co-production and co-writing of the song URBAN TICTOC

nananae (a live foto)

release d-oo-b reggae radio

several DJ gigs


release d-oo-b mixtape radio

urban d-oo-b - awake

urban d-oo-b - mouse (live from the mousetrap zurich)

urban d-oo-b - the other one

release d-oo-b shop

several DJ gigs


lots of 3D printing

Alice's WhiteRabbit pixels

carved rabbit

Urban - Tic Toc (remaster 2014)

the wishfairy (a cartoon joke)

several DJ gigs


PimperPuppets (R) Being beautiful in the art scene A BubbleTheatre (R) Play by (C) d-oo-b (C)

Fero and blue a secondlife movie

melted humming

pimperpuppet exhibition at magic hair zurich

several DJ gigs


Urban d-oo-b - Heigah


Urban d-oo-b - Early (my first single)

d-oo-b log redesign

several DJ gigs




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