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Alchemelic is a Zurich-based music and art project with cinematographic background, mixed media, and 3D modeling. d-oo-b's music style ranges from traditional to experimental. I aspire to spark your imagination and elevate your mood with our unique blend of visual art and original music.

Alchemelic ist ein Musik und Kunst Projekt mit Sitz in Zürich. Die einzigartige Kombination von Klassik und Synthesizern ergibt bei Alchemelic einen musikalischen Soundtrack, der die Phantasie anregt und die Sinne entspannt. Wer ist Alchemelic? Der Musikstil von d-oo-b schwankt von klassisch bis experimentell. Alchemelic ist ein musikalischer Soundtrack, der die Fantasie erweitert und verzaubert.



Artist Name: d-oo-b

RL City: Zürich, Switzerland

 Artist Biography: Who is that man? He is a musician, poet, adventurer, inventor, scriptor, and artist at Burning Man. The Swiss artist had studied ecology for a degree. His life path changed in 1995 when he worked for VHS videocassette service. Amongst his customers was the swiss music marketing industry. He was later a Swiss TV news journalist, scanning Reuters and AP in 1998. He then went on to work for a pay per view network. His duties included fulfilling contracts with "Hollywood", Movie Marketing, playout and encryption software testing. In 2002 he became the head of the media department of the Schauspielhaus Zürich.


Some examples of d-oo-b's work in the past:






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