Raspberry Jam Festival

" Personal traumas that you present on stage should already be processed and not processed during the performances, otherwise, the audience will be burdened. The audience has the right to be observers and not to act as therapists."

(Serdar Somuncu / chatGPT)


Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

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"When art becomes complacent in its attained success, it transforms from a form of self-expression into a mere service, losing its essence along the way." (Serdar Somuncu / chatGPT)

We are thrilled to invite you to the Raspberry Jam Festival. This distinctive celebration of creativity offers you a chance to be part of building The Jam Stage that will host two days brimming with remarkable performances and awe-inspiring acts.

Event Details:

Workshop: Sat February 17th 2024 - Mon February 26th 2024
Main Event: Fri February 23rd, noon - Sat February 24th, 11 pm SLT

Main Event Booking:

Secure your 30-minute spot for a Jam Stage appearance or volunteer quickly through our convenient automated process here:

All Jam Stage events will be professionally recorded and shared on YouTube.


Participate in the collaborative construction of The Jam Stage during the week leading up to the festival. Join our workshop, contribute to The Jam Stage building and sim decoration, and enhance your experience by purchasing a rez right. Rez 300 Li on the sim for just L$250:


The festival workshop offers an open stage for performers of any kind to spontaneously showcase their talent - connect with fellow artists to determine when you can play, no registration needed. Grab the stream for up to 2 hours, and let the music flow, amplifying the festival vibes!

Raspberry Jam Event Schedule:

Raspberry Jam Music Festival knows two performer groups:

PC inclucing USB connected devices only:

2-hour time frame. Get on stage within 90 minutes after confirming with the stage host.

More than two people or RL equipment set up:

Can set an exact performance time.

Vendor Opportunity:

For those with rez rights, seize the chance to showcase your creations by setting up vendors, including selling real-life goods and services.

Raspberry Jam Goals:

Dispensing with parcels and booths, let's collectively shape the festival landscape with respect. Operating on a single sim stream, the festival embodies simplicity and community spirit. The workshop introduces an open stage, providing performers an opportunity for spontaneous showcases. Come the weekend main event, each artist enjoys a dedicated 30-minute The Jam Stage appearance, expertly recorded to preserve these memorable moments.

We would be thrilled to have you join us and contribute to making the Raspberry Jam Festival an unforgettable experience!

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