Raspberry Jam Festival

Raspberry Jam

About the Festival and Virtual Location:

Welcome to the Raspberry Jam Festival - an immersive celebration taking place in the virtual world of Second Life. Our festival occurs on a special event sim of Linden Lab. We will fill this virtual environment with vibrant energy and creativity.

Virtual Venue:

The Raspberry Jam Festival is an exciting addition to the secondlife community, creating a unique and immersive experience within the virtual realm.

Sim Building Schedule:

Our festival sim, the canvas for the Raspberry Jam Festival, will magically come to life on the first day of the building phase. It marks the beginning of our collective journey to construct a captivating and engaging festival area.

Rez Rights and Vendor Opportunities:

On the same day our festival sim takes shape, we will offer rez rights for L$250 each, allowing participants to rez 300Li on the sim. Participants can purchase multiple rez rights, enabling them to build beyond the initial 300Li limit. Participants are allowed to use the festival as a platform for showcasing a variety of creations, including real-life goods and services.

Join us in this virtual adventure, where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur, and together, we shape the Raspberry Jam Festival into a unique and unforgettable experience!

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