Raspberry Jam Festival

Raspberry Jam

Cooperation Guidelines for Festival Area Building

Planning and Brainstorming

Participants gather to brainstorm festival area ideas. Ideas are shared without judgment or criticism. Concepts for stages, facilities, and attractions are openly discussed.


A list of key ideas and concepts is compiled.

Initial Construction

Participants build the festival area based on the brainstormed ideas. Stages, facilities, and attractions are constructed. The layout and design of the festival area are established.


The festival area is built based on the initial plan.

Ongoing Process (Daily):

Spontaneous discussions among all relevant stakeholders occur as needed, addressing issues that arise in the festival area. Participants prioritize collaboration and open communication, with the understanding that they are always allowed to make changes to their own artwork. Proposals for modifications, including the removal and reconstruction of attractions, are explored and deliberated until a consensus is achieved.

Final Result:

The festival area continually evolves through collective effort, aiming to please all participants through consensus-based decision-making.
Neighbors communicate about the visual impact of their work, ensuring smooth transitions and a coherent appearance of the whole sim. Violations are gently addressed, and if needed, objects are moved until everyone is satisfied.
Decision-making is consensus-based, with a substantial majority prevailing over individual needs.
Visitors must adhere to Second Life's TOS; violations result in a ban from the present festival, which is lifted at the next event.

Cost and Sponsorship:

300Li costs L$250 (right to rez 300Li with 25.500 prims on the sim).
Sponsors can donate more (usually L$2000) to fuel the shared tip fund.

Shared Tip Fund Distribution:

The shared tip fund will be distributed after the festival to all individuals who contributed hours during the two festival days by their spent time working during the shows. This ensures fair compensation for the dedicated efforts of our contributors. Additionally all can rez their own tipjars.

Participation Note:

It is not necessary for all participants to engage in the building process; however, everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and feedback during the planning and improvement stages. Your involvement can take various forms, and your unique perspective is valued in shaping the overall festival experience.

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